Set up a wordpress website from zero

Build a website

Do you want to create your own wordpress? This is the guideline and it will cover every prospect you need. Start your on-line life is not that difficult. I hope you find it helpful.

Guidelines to setup a WordPress step by step.

1 Apply for AWS.

First you need to choose VPS to store your blogs. AWS is a good choice. Because it gives you 1 free year usage. Please choose the ec2 tier. And you need to prepare a creditcard and a cellphone. Choose the aws linux image is referred.
And you can choose Bluehost too.

Following the guidelines AWS gives. until you can login via ssh. Then apply the following command:

apt update && apt upgrade
Please update your system regularly, it will keep a lot of dangerous things out of your system.

2 Install Nginx.

This is a great software and can do a lot of magic things and it will give you a great ability to do things flexibly.

apt install nginx
You can choose Apache service instead, But I really suggest you to use Nginx.

3 Install Mysql.

The database, the wordpress will need it.

apt install mysql

Install PHP

There are php php54 php70 php73 and php74.

  • php
  • php54
  • php55
  • php56
  • php70
  • php71
  • php72
  • php73
  • php74

yum remove php* # remove old php

yum install php73-php php73-php-fpm php73-php-pecl-imagick# centos

systemctl restart php73-php-fpm # centos

service php-fpm restart # aws

4 Install wordpress.

Pls refer to the following url:

setup a wordpress env

user and permissions:




uid:1000 | 500

5 Install wordpress plugins.

The following plugins will make your life happy and simple when you become a blogger.

a3 Lazy Loadmake your picture to lazy load.
AutoptimizeThis is a amazing plugin can compress all your css & js files separately, and it can speed up your website.
Contextual Related Postssuggest related posts.
UpdraftPlusCan backup your wordpress. if you have dropbox, you can store it there.
WP Original Media Path You can change your img & css & js in a different domain, so that you can use your CDN(such as baidu’s) wisely.
WP Super CacheIt can give you a static html website. but it needs you to do specific configuration to tell nginx to do it. pls refer to another blog:
wp supercache with nginx

7 Daily running.

Watch your daily visitors of your website and continue creating great original blogs. Try to introduce your own experiences of doing something and share them with others, that will save others’ time someday.

Please just do the search & copy paste things.  I hate it so much, you know what I mean when you want to find something useful from search engining but you have  already looked up them to more than 10 pages.

8 Jorgee which is a malware.

You may get a huge amount of traffic. And if you check the traffic header and a lot of them from a user agent called “Jorgee”. All of them try to access a illegal url. You can ban them through your Wordfence Security plugin.

9 SEO things.

Add your website to searching engines. Polish your blog. Use social networks and blogs to let people know you website. Pls refer to my another blog, and a lot of other things mentioned here: Seo things

Build outside reference is a great way to link your blog and create values to the Internet.

10 The most important security check.

Use AWS security group restrict. Especially the Inbound Rules. Only open 80 to all the Internet. And 22 to your own IP. That will help you a lot to defect the dangerous Internet.

Create Some AWS Alarm. So that you can get some email when the traffic is not normal.

Don't use simple password for your admin page. And DO Change all software default user's password. Include: Mysql, Tomcat.

If you get a extremely high hits(PV) than visitors(UV), there may be some illegal IP try to break your website. Check the log & Add some 404 page to your banned rules through your firewall.

Visit the safe website regularly:

11 The other things you can do before you begin.

12 What kind of env On the Internet?

The are a huge a mount of malware located all around the world. Spam posters try to post advertisement on your blog. There are crawlers there too, they are good.
And will routinely check your website’s health if you register your website on it.

Internet is full of malware and hackers and bots which will try to get into your on-line's home. you need to be very careful and you must do the right thing.

13 Enable SSL?

The wordpress said at end of this year(2017) the new version will force the users to use https. And the Chrome & Firefox are prefer SSL website. The google will give SSL website a higher score too. But the question is: SSL certification will cost a amount of money. Anyway, you can start from the following 3 ways:

I prefer let's encrypt. Because it's totally free. you only need to renew it every 3 month.

Ok, that’s all. Hope you have a lot fun when create a wordpress website.

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