The best Mi AI product makes a great smart home

smart home change your lifestyle
Smart home changes your lifestyle

“Life is cool.” You know it when you get your first Xiaomi smart home good. The Mi AI product brings a lot of fun. It could change your lifestyle greatly. Try some Mi smart home tools and you will LOVE them.

How to change to smart home easily guidelines:

Do you think smart home is a good concept? If you want to try it you can begin your smart home today. Xiaomi makes it very easy and you will see the magic immediately.

Image one day, you can use your Xiaomi phone to control almost everything of home. what do you think?

Xiaomi is good at connecting the home applications and they try the best.

Pick up some applications and make it your own SMART HOME.

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker

Ai speaker
Ai Speaker

If you can speak Chinese, you must buy Xiaomi AI speaker first. You can communicate with it like a good friend. Feature more, it can control other AI devices. The features list of Xiaomi AI Speaker:

  • Learning Chinese
  • Good using experience
  • A Bluetooth speaker
  • Good appearance
  • The interface of other smart home application
  • Listenning to your favorite music.
Xiaomi AI speaker only supports Chinese.

Xiaomi AI speaker

Mi Smart-phone

Xiaomi smart phone is getting popular today. The Mi home App helps you to manage your Xiaomi family device smartly.

  • High performance
  • Great steam-line layout
  • Controlling your home application remotely
  • No ugly front camera cutouts
NO T-Mobile WiFi calling feature.

Mi Smartphone – mix 3


Xiaomi TV
Xiaomi TV

Xiaomi TV is great, large and cheap. This is a really good budget.

  • 75″
  • 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM
Xiaomi TV is a stable television. If you prefer frontier of technology, please choose SONY.

Xiaomi TV

Xiaomi MiJia smart home kit

Xiaomi home kit
Xiaomi MiJia kit

This tool kit contains several device and you can start your smart home quickly.

  • Gateway
  • Window/door sensor*2
  • Wireless switch
No temperature and humidity sensor 

Xiaomi MiJia kit

Motion sensor

Xiaomi Motion sensor
Xiaomi Motion sensor

This is a human body sensor. When somebody goes through, the Night Light will turn on automatically.

  • Detect the brightness of light
  • Send the information to other device
  • Send alert to your phone app

Xiaomi Motion sensor

The temperature and humidity sensor

Xiaomi t n h sensor
Xiaomi temperature and humidity sensor

Sense the temperature and humidity and send the information to others.

This is a basic device for your smart home family.

Xiaomi temperature and humidity sensor

The door and window sensor

This another basic device. you can use it to detect whether or not the door or window is open.

Xiaomi door and window sensor

Online Radio – Night light – Bell -Gateway

Mi Gateway
Xiaomi Gateway

This is a gateway with several other features.

  • Network radio broadcast
  • 16 million color night lights
  • Ringtone

Xiaomi Gateway

The smart wireless switch

xiaomi wireless switch
xiaomi wireless switch

If you want a push button to activate items in smart things, this is easily the least expensive option.

  • One key to control: Making breakfast in the kitchen
  • One key to control: Calling the child out of bed
  • Before sleeping: One button to turn off all the applications
  • When going out: One key to control household applications
Only Chinese instruction. 

Xiaomi smart wireless switch

Smart plug

xiaomi smart plug
Xiaomi smart plug

This is a plug which will give your normal home application ability to be smart. With this smart plug, you can control your normal device.

Not work if application's power is more than 1100 watt.

Xiaomi smart plug

Mi WIFI Router

xiaomi wifi router
Xiaomi WIFI router

This is great feature WIFI router. It is thin and with a impressive performance and beautiful appearance.

  • Rom 128MB
  • Ram 128MB
  • CPU Dual-core 880MHz
  • WIFI 2.4G/5G
  • Antenna: External 4x5dbi antennas

Xiaomi WIFI router

Mi WIFI Range Extender

Xiaomi WIFI extender
Xiaomi WIFI Extender

If you have a large house, please add this device to extend the range of your WIFI signal.

  • 2 built-in antennas
  • Compatible with most routers
  • Transmission rate could up to 300Mbps

Mi WIFI Range Extender

Mi Trackers

Xiaomi Tracker
Xiaomi Tracker

Xiaomi Tracker can help you to monitor your exercise duration and heart rate. If you want to keep fit and manage your sleeping habit. it will give you a lot of data when using it.

  • Exercise Duration
  • Mileage
  • Heart Rate
  • Sleep quality monitoring

Xiaomi Mi Trackers

Xiaomi PMI Smart weight scale

Xiaomi PMI Smart weight scale
Xiaomi PMI Smart weight scale

Xiaomi PMI Smart weight scale can measure your body weight accurately and quickly. It will help you to keep fit.

  • So slim
  • 10 items of body data in 1 test

Xiaomi PMI Smart weight scale

MiJia Smart Camera

Xiaomi smart camera
xiaomi smart camera

This is a night version IP camera. It is a really good device to look at your home. If you have a baby, or if you want to talk with your parent, or if you just want to see your pet, please add this camera to your buying cart.

Xiaomi Smart Camera

Xiaomi TV box

Xiaomi TV box
Xiaomi TV box

With this Xiaomi TV box, you can see Chinese television program now.

  • Android 6.0
  • RAM 2GB
  • ROM 8GB

Xiaomi TV box

Xiaomi Electric scooter

mi scooter
mi scooter

We need a electric scooter to change our way to go to work.

  • Fast
  • Long rage battery life
  • Portable folding design
It is getting more and more popular now.


Xiaomi Robot Vacuum cleaner

Xiaom robot vacuum
Xiaomi robot Vacuum Cleaner

Why do you buy it?

  • Clean my house.
  • Work automatically.
  • Work when I am not at home.
  • Plush carpet will be ignored.
The Xiaomi robot Vacuum cleaner is Cool. And I am Lazy.



Xiaomi Drone
Xiaomi Drone

If you love photos, or you love traveling, or you just treat it like a toy, buy it.

  • 4K camera support
  • Real-time Transmission
  • Pointing Flight
  • Surrounded Flight
There is a hotpot problem with iPhone.

Xiaomi Drone 4k UAV

70 Mi Smart Rearview mirror

Xiaomi rearview mirror
Xiaomi rearview mirror
  • built-in 5” IPS screen
  • Night Vision
  • Automatic Motion Detection: even the car is off.
Highly recommend.

Xiaomi smart rearview mirror

MiTu Bluetooth Speaker

Xiaomi mitu Bluetooth speaker
Xiaomi mitu Bluetooth Speaker

This is a good toy for kids. The children likes it in China.

  • Rabbit Gift to Kids
  • Cute appearance
  • Good voice
Xiaomi Mitu Speaker is really great gift for children.

Xiaomi mitu Bluetooth Speaker

Mi Robot builder

Xiaomi robot builder
Xiaomi Robot Builder

This is a toy which is for age 10 or up kids. You can program it.

  • Toy
  • STEM Toys
  • Programable
  • 978 pieces
  • For age 10 and up

Xiaomi Robot builder

When you want your home to become smart, remember “Less is useful” is the key. Don’t buy all the things list here and image the change will be coming automatically.

Use your imagination and use those tools to connect things. You are the owner of them. They just tools.