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Ok, congratulations! Welcome to China, for the following days i will add more and more contents to this article. This is just a POC of my project, if you think it will be useful, pls leave a comment, that will give me more courage. and i know i do something right.

Easy life guidelines for Foreigners

This article will focus on the foreigners to land in China for a couple of days and they need some basic service of China. It’s guideline now, and tell me what you want and really care about.

I asked one of my foreign friends, and he said maybe the 1st thing they care about was a apartment. and he gives me a lot of good advises. The app in China here is not all that good at internationalization. they come to China with different Visas, and maybe it is not that easy in China to apply for a Chinese phone number, the usual way is to ask a Chinese friend to help.

the question is can you apply for a Chinese phone number & Chinese bank account via your passport & Visa?

I want to start a small business to try to help foreigners to deal with this kind of thing. I will survey how they are served on the Market now. and try to find out if there are any agency doing this kind of things. I will post some blog where the foreigners surfing the net and I will think and ask what is the most important things they will consider when coming to China first time. pls let me know how can i be more helpful.

* the different kind of visa in China.

there are so many different kind of visa. for student, for travelers, for workers, for journalists.

* find an apartment.

that is not that difficult. maybe the foreigner just want to find a suitable one. I use ZiRoom app to find a reasonable apartment and also you have to get a Chinese phone number first… maybe other institutions can help foreigners do it easily.

* apply for a phone number.

Nowadays the easiest way is to find a Chinese friend to help to apply one. from now it seems impossible to apply phone number without Chinese ID card. there isn’t any agency that can help.

* apply for a Chinese bank account.

It seems that one can apply for an account if they have a legal visa in China Bank. do you know the details? pls tell me. and then it will help more people.

* register an Alipay account.

* apply for a Wechat account.

the QQ & Wechat are the most famous Instant message tools in China now.

* apply for a Wechat official media account. not the same as Wechat.

and you must have your passport & Chinese phone number & Chinese bank account.
this is often used by a company.

* If you land in Beijing, do you want a Bus & subway IC card?

you can just buy it from any railway station. maybe this is the easiest task.

* register a QQ.


what’s differences between QQ and Wechat?

* use the local app DianPin to find a good restaurant.

* because the google’s products are banned here, so you need to use Gaode Map

* search engine i prefer to Bing.

* if you know Chinese you can order lunch online to use Baidu Waimai

* find a Chinese friend to help you.

* maybe you need an VPN for a lot of things: facebook, twitter(in China, Weibo), google(Bing), youtube(Youku).

this is a tough task today…

* use Mobike.

it’s very convenient to use, the foreigners like to use it.

* try to become a English teacher in China?

* register your new car?

* hire a car?

* covert your driver license.

tell me which topic you care about...