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This is the first time you want to do business in China? please go through this article and tell me do you get anything or what you want to know more?

Things you must know before DO biz in China

Maybe just now a brilliant idea tinkles your brain. You’re excited and say, why not start a small business today in China? Ok, that is a good start.

We all know that China market grows fast. And The volume becomes bigger and bigger. Tell you the truth, the Chinese people are really rich nowadays. 🙂 Do you think so? The big population and the growing market maybe mean there will be a lot of opportunities. But before you want to earn Chinese people’s money, a lot of preparation needs to be done. You can go through the following resources. And see what you can get there.

1 Enterprise version of email service.

Today I will introduce you 2 kinds of email service. Both of them are quite well for small business. And they are totally free.

2 No copyright pictures.

You can find a lot of free and high quality of pictures here. Hope you have a nice day!

3 All SEO things and searching engines.

A list of searching engines you can use are: baidu, bing & yahoo, sogou, 360 search, yandex, google, clearch, duckduckgo(blocked, & no webmaster tools),,

4 National social networks & international social networks.

In China, we use: wechat, weibo, QQ zone, Zhihu, youku.

Outside China, we use: facebook, twitter, myspace, google+, pinterest, youtube, linkedin, instagram.

5 Affiliate programs.

You may have heard of it. If not, just have a look:

6 Try to use your advertising budget wisely.

It’s good to spend some money on getting a better internet traffic. Before you want to earn money? Try to learn to how to spend money wisely first. Maybe the best thing you can do to get your target customer noticed, is spending some money on them, falling in love with them, trying to satisfy them as much as possible, living with them, staying with them, studying them, analyzing them, meeting their needs, knowing their hobby, knowing what they hate, knowing what they care about, not just showing what you want to sell. Then they will response you in some way. Try to help them to solve their problems, not yours. you see.

7 Niche market.

Find a small market and you will find less competitors there. It will be easy for your business to survive. How can you find your target marketing? Give you a hint, just combine two marketing factors together, you could find some interesting things there. Such as: maybe you can focus on a local kids education industry. Or you can make a foreign travelers shopping local advising service company. And so on.

8 Try & Fail & Try another way.

If you have made the decision to set up your small business, the only right thing kept to do is trying. Try a lot and learn from them. Then improve your thinking and business knowledge. If you failed sometimes and just try another way, don’t hesitated, don’t frustrated, embrace the changing. If the mistakes you will make less and less, finally, maybe, you will find a right way to do your business.

9 Use existing resource & tools & websites. Such as Vulbox to test your website bugs.

A great concept of business is outsourcing. Using a local tester to check your website security & bugs may be very expensive. Also you have to maintain a testing team.

The Vulbox website can help a small company to test the website application in a cheaper way.They give your application to the internet and ask the whole internet to help and test your application. If anyone find a bug or security issue, you can award them a bit if you wish. Anyone can submit a bugs or issues about any applications. This company try to help users and companies to find a place to meet each other. Please have a look at this Chinese website: Vulbox bug website

10 The Dingtalk app created by Alibaba Group

This is a free mobile app try to help company to deal with daily running. So that the company can organizing their employees & a bunch of other useful features are here. Such as check in services, email services, meeting room management, approval management etc. Pls download it and have a try. DingTalk app

11 The Zhubajie website.

This is the most famous Chinese online out sourcing website. A thousand of freelancers and small companies from diffident industries join this online outsourcing market. You can find a lot of works can be done here. Such as: design a logo, design a product, establish your website, find a translator, law service, financial service, application development, etc. It must be out of your imagination. Just have a look: Zhubajie website

12 The Alibaba website.

So famous that I think you must know it. You can find anything here no mater what you want, try to check:

13 A new trend of Chinese business.

You must have heard of those things: bar code paying, sharing bike business, online take away foods ordering app. The consuming situation is changing rapidly. So many buzzwords fly around us, we heart AI, Data mining, smart phones, the internet comes to 4G generations. All of them will make Internet booming again, more and more new business patterns are emerging in China.

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Let’s change the world today.